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About Qik-Link

Qik-Link – the dynamic modular interlocking flooring tile solution

Qik-Link is an innovative modular flooring system that allows users to create a raised platform quicker than conventional methods…

Qik-Link is a dynamic, customer focussed company that manufactures a patented modular flooring solution for the exhibition and events sectors.

Qik-Link is a modular interlocking flooring 1m x 1m tile that allows users to create a raised platform quicker than traditional methods, with the added advantage that cables can be installed easily to run power or communications to any area of the floor. Typical applications will be a raised platform for the exhibition sector, a temporary flooring for an event, conference or even the creation of a temporary office space.

We supply Qik-Link modular, ultra-low profile access flooring systems throughout the UK.  If you would like to find out how Qik-Link can help save you time and money please call 01438 500073

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"Great product. Simple and easy to install, cuts down on site time and labour. Sturdy, well made and unbelievably strong."

Richard Bladen JP Displays