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Qik-Link Raised Platform Installation and Removal

We will supply and install your Qik-Link platform wherever you require it throughout the UK. We can install any power or communication cables you require, and finish it with your choice of floor covering and trim. We can remove the platform once your need for it is finished.  Installation and removal is undertaken by our team of professional and friendly Qik-Link installers. We’re happy and used to liaising with any in-house or third-party contractors that may also be providing services. A full risk assessment and installation statement will be completed prior to each installation.

Reasons for using Qik-Link installation service

  • We have a network of installers covering the whole of the UK. 
  • We guarantee to install your platform quickly and professionally.
  • We guarantee a transparent pricing model.
  • We never charge a premium for you being the only platform we're installing at an event.
  • We provide a turn-key service, including platform hire & installation, working with site electricans to lay cables, floor covering supply and installation, edge trim and full de-rig. 
  • We have installed in all major event and exhibition venues across the UK. 
  • Our prices start at £20 per m2 for platform hire, install, derig including supply, installation and removal of floor covering. 

Delivery to your stand or to your address

We can deliver Qik-Link to any company address, event location, exhibition, conference or facility in the UK.

Qik-Link Hire

Qik-Link is available to use on a short-term hire basis. Either to be installed by yourselves or we can install ourselves. If you choose to install yourself, we would be happy to provide onsite training during your first install.

Qik-Link Lease

Qik-Link is available to use on a long-term lease basis. We are even able to provide free storage on all long-term lease contracts.

Qik-Link Raised Modular Flooring Sales

Qik-Link raised modular flooring is available to purchase outright. Supplied in 1m x 1m sections, unless required otherwise, each tile is guaranteed for 2 years under normal guideline usage.

Supply and Installation of Floor Coverings

We supply a huge range of different floor coverings. Whether you require a carpet, vinyl, wood laminate, artificial grass, natural covering or printed floor we’ve literally got it covered!  We can install along with Qik-Link modular flooring if required, or supply in a self-installation basis.

Electrical Installation

We can take care of all installations of cables whether communication or electrical using one of our Qik-Link in-house electricians. Or we can simply lay the cables ready to be connected by your own contractors.

Ramps and Trims

We supply a range of platform trims and ramps. These can be purchased or hired and supplied on either a purchase or hire basis.

"Great product. Simple and easy to install, cuts down on site time and labour. Sturdy, well made and unbelievably strong."

Richard Bladen JP Displays