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Qik-Link is designed as the ultimate temporary, non-fixed modular flooring solution.

Primarily it is designed for use in the exhibitions, conference and events sectors, however we’ve installed Qik-Link in many other temporary facilities including temporary office space, warehouses, field operations, in fact any facility that has a need for a non-permanent flooring solution.

One of the key benefits of Qik-Link modular flooring is its unique cable management system, which allows for quick and easy installation of power and communication services along with easy access to all cables once the floor is installed.  This means that all power and communication cables can be easily and quickly run to any part of the floor, allowing for quick connections which can easily be accessed, even once the final floor covering is put down.

However, many of our clients use Qik-Link even when they have no requirement to lay cabling under the floor, due to the speed and ease of installing the floor.

We’ve even installed Qik-Link for British Telecom and the G20 Summit!

"Great product. Simple and easy to install, cuts down on site time and labour. Sturdy, well made and unbelievably strong."

Richard Bladen JP Displays