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Raised Exhibition Platforms

Qik-Link modular exhibition flooring is used by exhibition contractors around the world.

Qik-Link allows a raised platform can be built much quicker than the more traditional method of batons and wood sheets.

A 50m² platform built using traditional methods can take 2 men 4 hours to build (once electrical plan is mapped out, cables laid out, floor constructed, cables pulled through in the correct places and floor covering put down) whereas the same platform constructed using Qik-Link modular flooring can be put down in just 15 minutes (with all cables, floor covering and trim).

There is no need to map out cables prior to laying the floor, as Qik-Link’s unique cable management system means that communication and electric cables can be put down quickly and easily once the platform base has been laid. Qik-Link modular flooring can be installed without the need for tools: each 1m x 1m section simply clicks into place. Cables are installed by simply lifting the channel covers and running cables through the channels to wherever on the floor they need to go. Finally, the floor covering is put down.

Qik-Link exhibition flooring can take any structure being built upon it, and is designed to take heavy point and rolling loads (a fork-lift can easily run across it and walls, trusses and other structures easily constructed upon the floor).

If access to any of the cables is required once the floor has been put down, Qik-Link’s unique cable management system means cables can be accessed quickly and easily without having to take up whole sections of floor (in fact the platform floor remains in place throughout as cables can be accessed from above).

A Qik-Link raised platform floor can be finished off with a range of trims and ramps giving it a professional finish.

At the end of the show the floor can be taken up in a matter of minutes. Qik-Link modular flooring can be used time and time again, meaning less waste, increased cost savings, increased profit margins and increased time savings. We even supply a 1m x 1m vinyl tile that is designed for multiple uses. In short Qik-Link will save you time and money, and can often turn a two day build into a one day build – cost savings that can be passed on to your clients, leading to more jobs being won.


"Great product. Simple and easy to install, cuts down on site time and labour. Sturdy, well made and unbelievably strong."

Richard Bladen JP Displays