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Qik-Link Modular Flooring

Click picture to enlargeQik-Link is a modular, ultra-low-profile access flooring solution that can be installed in a fraction of the time of other temporary flooring solutions.

Qik-Link Modular Flooring is supplied in easy to click together 1m x 1m tiles.  For irregular spaces, each 1m x 1m tile can be reduced in size in increments of 0.25m. 

Qik-Link flooring allows for fast and easy connection of power and communications wiring across the entire floor space.

Qik-Link modular flooring is designed for short-term and removable flooring installations. For example, exhibition floor space, conferences, events and all temporary facilities. Qik-Link can be loose laid for removal and re-use. In fact, each Qik-Link tile is designed and guaranteed for a minimum of 250 installations.

The speed and simplicity of Qik-Link installation greatly reduces on-site labour costs and eliminates the need for specialist flooring installers. The easy accessibility of the cableway system allows for swift and easy connection of power and communication services therefore reducing time and cost of electrical trades. As an added benefit, cables can be accessed at any time without the need to take up large sections of flooring.

Qik-Link is the ultimate temporary events and exhibition flooring system. We are so confident that Qik-Link is the most advanced modular flooring solution available that we guarantee to save you time and money on each of your flooring installations.

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"Great product. Simple and easy to install, cuts down on site time and labour. Sturdy, well made and unbelievably strong."

Richard Bladen JP Displays