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Qik-Link installs 700m² of Modular Flooring for the G20 Summit

Qik-Link installs 700m² of Modular Flooring for the G20 Summit

Qik-Link was the selected flooring system for the Leaders Area at the 2014 G20 summit.

The annual summit of the G20 – the association of 20 major world economies – was held in Brisbane in November 2014, amidst extreme security measures which progressively locked down the entire exhibition precinct on the south bank of the Brisbane river.

The main conference hall comprised a central round table which seated the 20 heads of government, and behind them, desks and seating for advisory teams and support staff.  The total area was approximately 700, and required extensive power and communications cabling to link the heads of government with their support staff and also to provide secure communication with the outside world. 

The requirements for this event were unusually exacting.  First and foremost was the need for fast and secure connection of power and communications wiring to all points of the floor.  Second was speed of installation, driven by the intense security restrictions that severely limited deliveries and personnel access.  Importantly however the prestigious nature of the event demanded that the flooring would be solid and unobtrusive and would complement the high standards of aesthetics and functionality expected of the venue fit-out.

The Qik-Link system was selected for its unique ability to meet these requirements.  A number of alternative systems were available, all of which required cabling to be either pre-laid or alternatively poked through the sub-floor to the outlet points.  By contrast however, Qik-Link’s fully accessible channel matrix allowed the wiring runs to be placed after the floor had been laid.  This not only reduced and simplified the installation process, but importantly it allowed the electrical and data-comms teams to make a number of last-minute wiring changes without any disruption to the progress of the build.

In the event, the flooring was delivered to site on the day of installation, as pre-assembled 1m x 1m sheets.  Initial set-out commenced at about 3pm, and the body of the floor, approximately 700, was completed by the 8-person crew in around 2 hours.  Wiring commenced the next day and was largely complete by mid-afternoon, ready for installation of carpeting and furniture. 

During this time, multiple installation crews traversed the floor with heavy equipment including fully-laden pallet jacks and 2-tonne scissor-lifts, without damage or disruption to the build.

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"Great product. Simple and easy to install, cuts down on site time and labour. Sturdy, well made and unbelievably strong."

Richard Bladen JP Displays