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Qik-Link puts down 32 Raised Platforms with Vinyl at AWS Summit, Excel

Qik-Link puts down 32 Raised Platforms with Vinyl at AWS Summit, Excel

Qik-Link put down 32 raised platforms at the AWS Summit at Excel on the 5th May, in what was the biggest project we’ve been engaged with to date. Tasked with building 32 raised platforms, running electrics and internet to the required positions on each stand, supplying and laying vinyl to each and finishing with aluminium edging and doing all of this quickly so that the stand builders could start their build, the Qik-Link installation team worked professionally, quickly and to a high standard to ensure we the work was carried out to a high standard.

Despite being allocated two days to complete the work, we had all the platforms down and covered with vinyl by 14:00 on the first day. Each platform was then finished with edging and all work signed off by 18:00 on the first day. Our clients were extremely happy as were the event organisers.

In all the Qik-Link installation team put down over 1500m2 of raised platforms quicker than it took one team of contractors to put down a 120m2 raised platform using batons and sheets of mdf.

Our client saved time and money (on materials, labour and transport) and hassle by using us, allowing themselves to concentrate on what they’re good at, which is building exhibition stands.

To get a quote for your next raised platform installation call 01926 453987 or email Qik-Link!

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"Great product. Simple and easy to install, cuts down on site time and labour. Sturdy, well made and unbelievably strong."

Richard Bladen JP Displays