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Why it pays to start at the bottom when designing an exhibition stand!

02 July 2018

Why it pays to start at the bottom when designing an exhibition stand!

Modular or custom? Print graphics or lightbox? LED display or video? Or all? When it comes to design and build of an exhibition stand, most focus on several things, such as the finished look, the functionality of the space, whether it fulfils the client’s brief and is it on budget! Most do not consider the floor or if you will, the base from which the stand grows.

Yet, it’s the humble floor that if so often overlooked that can offer real opportunities to stand out from the crowd, save money to be spent on more glamorous parts of the build and the opportunity to enhance your environmental credentials.




What to consider when choosing a floor?

  • Will you be running cables throughout the floor space? If so, you’ll probably want to allow for a raised platform to hide the cables and avoid trip hazards.
  • From what materials will you build your platform? Baton and sheets of wood or perhaps a modular system?
  • Who will build your platform? Your own team? Or will you subcontract to a team of professionals who can have the platform down, along with all cables and covered with your choice of floor covering by the time you’ve finished unloading your vehicles.
  • What are the financial implications of your choice?  Things to consider are weight of the floor to be transported, time it takes to pick, load & unload from/ to the warehouse, time it takes to put down, number of crew required for both the install and de-rig & whether the materials used for the floor are reusable?
  • How easy is it to lay cables and how easy is it to correct mistakes or locate faults if required? If your client suddenly asks for an extra socket to charge a laptop for example or wants the position of a screen moved can it be done quickly and easily?
  • Which floor covering will you choose? A carpet, vinyl, wood laminate, artificial grass, printed floor graphic or all? Will your platform take these? The floor finish allows your stand design to literally stand out from the crowd.
  • Who will supply and lay your floor covering? If using a third party will you have to wait around for the floor covering to be put down once the platform is finished?
  • Who will dispose of your floor covering in an environmentally compliant manner after the event?
  • How will you finish your platform? An aluminium 90 deg trim / edge or perhaps a ramp edge with or without an access ramp?

As you can see there’s lots that can be considered when thinking about the exhibition stand floor.

Did you know that Qik-Link take care of all the above? Qik-Link Modular flooring is a 1m2 raised platform floor, manufactured from recycled plastic. It weighs just 7kg per m2 but can take a 30-tonne load. Qik-Link is super-fast to put down (50m2 in 15 minutes) and has a unique cable management design that allows for all cables to run through the floor easily and quickly. Qik-Link modular flooring will last for hundreds of uses resulting in cost savings from the very start you start using it for your raised platforms.

Qik-Link also has a nationwide team of professional installers who provide a turn-key service, which includes platform build, laying of all cables, supply and installation of the floor covering and finish of the stand. We hand over a completed platform ready to be built on. Our team also take care of the platform de-rig and disposal of the floor covering. What’s more, we guarantee we can do this for less money than you currently spend on your raised platform.

Isn’t it time you took another look at your floor? To find out more please call 01926 453987 or
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